SHPE - UMD, in partnership with the Center for Minorities in Science and Engineering and the Black Engineers Society at the University of Maryland, hosted the 34th Annual Student Recognition and Alumni Banquet in the spring of 2015. The Center for Minorities in Science and Engineering whose mission is to increase the participation and graduation rates of African American/ Black, Hispanic American/Latino and Native American students in science and engineering is the advising office on campus for the student organizations mentioned above.

The banquet itself has a successful history and reputable tradition. It serves to recognize the achievements of minority students and alumni, and to encourage the pursuit of academic excellence. During the banquet, employers also have a chance to network with some of the most talented and successful minority students at the University of Maryland. For 34 years, the banquet has provided employers and students with a great opportunity to widen their horizons, grow their professional network and experience a truly enjoyable event. In the past, the average attendance of the banquets has amounted to about 300 students, family members, staff and others.

Benefits to Supporting This Program:

-Electronic Resume Book: All sponsors receive a copy of a resume book containing the resumes of some of the most talented students at the university
-Attend the Banquet: Sponsors will receive tickets for the event, where they will be able to network with talented students and alumni
-Financial Support: Your donation will help us host this event successfully
-Give-aways: Help us decorate our event with memorable gifts

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