The SHPE - UMD chapter is aware of the low enrolment rates of under-represented minorities in science and engineering programs. In response to this concern, our chapter has developed an annual pre-college event geared towards, but not limited to, high school sophomores and juniors. Our chapter hopes that our Noche de Ciencias (Night of Science) will inspire young minority students to consider a future career in science and engineering.

Noche De Ciencias - Spring 2016

Noche De Ciencias or (Science Night) is a two hour visitation program at a hosting school that is carefully selected. This year, Parkland Middle School has been chosen to host our Noche De Ciencias event. Each year, the members of SHPE - UMD get together and organize an inspirational night of science to remember. This year we visited groups of students, parents, and educators to share with them some inspirational words, provocative thinking, and most importantly share our struggles and suggestions with the students. The parents were given a separate workshop to learn more about where to get money for college, how to help their kids stay motivated at school, and let them know that there is a group of engineers in their community they can always reach out to.

2015 STEM Expo

The STEM Expo is a free daylong event hosted by the Center for Minorities in Science and Engineering meant to introduce parents and students to the benefits of pursuing an education in STEM. The Expo features over 30 groups and organizations that run workshops and demonstrations for students and presentations for parents. SHPE was one of these organizations, hosting two fun activities for Elementary and Middle school students as a way of raising interest towards a possible STEM-related career.

Benefits to Supporting This Event:

-Community Outreach: A phenomenal opportunity for your company to give back to the community
-Cultivating Young Talent: A perfect chance to showcase your company to future college students

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